Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dare I say

I have the sweetest daughter any mother could ask for. Her blog today was about me and my blog. And here I am slacking on my blog. I am so far behind, I have been working on several things and have finished nothing. So please come back and stay tuned I have some fun projects in the works. I am making a princess castle for the precious granddaughter. Her 5th birthday is coming up and Nana gets to make the princess cake and centerpiece. I can't wait.

Thank You Brittany for the kind words and bragging about my blog, I am so blessed to have you as my sweet daughter ~ Love you


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  1. Hi Nikki:) I visited your daughter's blog, she is quite amazing (I can tell you did a great job raising her). I can't even begin to tell you how many projects I am working on and none are completed. Are you working on the castle that is in the Once Upon A Princess cart? If so you will have to let me know if it was complicated to put together. I am looking forward to seeing all your projects (take your time and don't let it stress you out).